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Korean War US Cartridge Belt with Suspenders
Item #: AA2258
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This is a US cartridge belt with suspenders from the Korean War era. The set is made up of a Model 1923 cartridge belt and Model 1944 suspenders. The cartridge belt is stamped US on the first cartridge pouch on the right side. It is also maker marked, being ink stamped with the model, makers name and date. Ic can't quite make out the makers name, but the date is 25 MAR 1951. All snaps on the cartridge belt work, the khaki material has some light staining but no tears or rips. The M1944 suspenders are also U.S. stamped, with the makers name and the date of 1945. The suspenders are in good condition, with no tears, frays or rips. Both the cartridge belt and suspenders have been marked with ID numbers,multiple in the case of the cartridge belt. The metal parts are straight and retain the majority of the applied black coating. This set displays strong and will compliment any Korean War collection.
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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