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WWII US Model 1910 Canteen Set
Item #: AA2248
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This is a Model 1910 canteen set from World War II. The set consists of a 1942 dated cover manufactured by G.&R. CO., a 1942 canteen manufactured by A.G.M.CO and a cup dated 1942 manufactured by an unidentified company. The canteen has the vertical seam and a domed serrated cap. The cup is dent free, the canteen has a couple of dents and the cap chain is present. The canteen cover is strong, with no holes or rips. The stitching is strong and tight. The U.S. and makers stamp are very legible on the cover, as well as the stamps in the canteen and cup. The cup has the name A.B. Carpenter scratched on it. Every soldier had one of these, you might as well too!
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
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