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Unmarked P1853 Enfield Lock Plate
Item #: AA2232
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This is an unmarked lockplate for a P1853 Enfield Rifle musket from the Civil War era. The lock is complete and functional. The hammer will hold at half and full cock. It looks like part of a cap is tuck in the cup of the hammer. After a little research, I found that it is thought that these unmarked locks were done under contract in Belgium for the English. The lock and hammer have a dark, almost black patina, referred to as being "out of the attic". It is dirty, but is not rusted or pitted. This lock plate is non dug, and came into the shop from the same place that the cut down relic Enfield rifle came from. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not buying a Civil War long arm Johnny Cash style, one piece at a time!
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