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WWI US Model 1907 Sling
Item #: AA2230
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This is a US Model 1907 leather rifle sling used during World War I. This sling is made of brown russet leather that has seen some use! The leather is still supple and flexible, but is black in appearance. There is no longer a visible makers mark or date on the sling. While researching this particular model sling I found a thread where someone had treated their sling with leather conditioner and it caused the sling to turn black and the stamp to swell and was no longer visible. Apparently that is the case with this sling. These sling were made up of seven parts, a short strap approximately 24" long, a long strap 46" long, two brass frogs, one brass ring and two 3/4" wide leather sling keepers. Both the leather straps measure 1 3/16" wide, the short one is 25" long and the long one is 46 1/2" long. The brass frogs are securely attached to the straps by three brass rivets each.The brass ring is securely sewn onto the end of the short strap with white shoe thread, now turned black. Unfortunately both of the sling keepers are missing. In some spots there are cracks in the leather between the sets of punched holes. Between the frog and the sewn brass ring of the short strap are 16 sets of punched holes. On the long strap, starting at the free end there are 10 sets of punched holes, and about 15" further down the sling another set of 16 punched holes. This old sling would help dress out your WWI 03 or M1917 either one!
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