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Relic Cut Down P1853 Enfield Rifle Musket
Item #: AA2222
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This is a Pattern 1853 Enfield that has been cut down, possibly for use after the Civil War. It came in to the store from the local East Tennessee area. The barrel on this one is 31 1/2", quite a bit longer than standard carbine length. It has taken on a dark almost black patina but has very little pitting on the exterior. The Birmingham proof marks of 25/25 are clearly visible on the barrel. The bore is dark but is not rusted or pitted and gauges out at .59 caliber. The bottom of the barrel has a couple of proof marks, assemblers marks and the barrel makers name of Robert Hughes. Hughes was a gun manufacturer located in Birmingham, England. A small pin front sight has been added to the barrel, about 1 1/16" back from the muzzle. A ram rod thimble has been soldered to the bottom of the barrel, but there is no ram rod with the gun. There are no barrel bands still with the weapon. A small pin was used to retain the barrel to the stock, along with the tang screw. The lock plate and hammer have been removed from the gun. The brass butt plate and trigger guard have that dark aged look to them. The original rifle stock has been cut down similar to the carbine. There is no nose cap or sling swivels. The actual overall length of the weapon is 48". The cut down stock has taken on a dark look. There are no age cracks or loss of wood on the stock. This one came in from an old out outbuilding in Greeneville, Tennessee.