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Cleaning Kit for the WWI British SMLE Enfield Rifle
Item #: AA2198
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This is a cleaning kit for the British Short Magazine Lee Enfield service rifle used during World War I. The kit consists of: a reprinted 1914 dated manual for the SMLE rifle, 1each oiler, 1each pull through weight, 1each pull through replacement cord, 4 each 2" x 4" flannelette patches, 2 each wire gauze, 1each reprint 1914 manual and 1 each diagram for butt stock storage. The entire kit is encased in a plastic package. This one has never been opened. The manual was reprinted by the Cordes ArmsCare Company in 1993. This would make an excellent addition to complete your WWI era Lee Enfield service rifle.
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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