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Confederate Imported P1853 Enfield Rifled Musket
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This is a Confederate imported Pattern 1853 Enfield rifled musket from the Civil War. The stock has the Anchor/S stamp forward of the butt plate tang. These are known markings that identify Confederate purchased weapons from England, appearing either on the stock comb by the butt plate tang or by the trigger guard tang. The Anchor/S stamp is frequently found on P53 rifle musket and P56 cavalry carbines dated 1863 or 1864. It is believed that this stamp is related to the JS/Anchor stamp, and was probably used by another team of English viewers working for Confederate agents during the later part of the war. The weapon measures 55" overall and has a 39" barrel. The bore gauges out at .62 caliber and is dark and rusty. This one did some shootin' in it's day! The exterior of the barrel is smooth and dark. The breech and bolster area of the barrel show pitting and pin pricking, indicating this one saw quite a bit of use. The front sight is the normal pinched sight found on Enfields, the rear sight is missing. This seems to be common on Confederate Enfields. The barrel proofs are the Birmingham marks of 25/25. The lockplate has a matching dark patina. Forward of the hammer it is stamped 1863/TOWER with a crown stamped behind the hammer. The hammer locks in the half and full cock positions, but the main spring is a little weak, another sign that this rifle saw a lot of the "elephant". All three barrel bands are present, as well as both sling swivels. They also match the overall dark coloring of the other iron components. The brass nose cap, trigger guard and butt plate have an aged mellow golden patina. The stock has a dark, well used look about it. There is one small crack on the left stock flat, and one on the at the rear of the lock. There is one small area of wood loss, directly under the lockplate. There is also a crack in the stock comb that starts at the rear of the trigger guard and extends down both sides of the comb approximately 6". It is shallow, but mentioned for accuracy. The ususal bumps and dings for normal handling are also present. On top of the stock comb forward of the butt plate tang is the Anchor/S stamp. The left stock flat opposite the lockplate does not have a cartouche, but instead has the carved initial of JT. these same initials are carved into the left stock comb. The Birmingham Small Arms Trade roundel is stamped into the right stock comb. There's no doubt that this Confederate Enfield was heavily used. This one displays like a million bucks, and will make a nice addition to your Civil War gun room!
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