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Dickson Nelson Carbine Stock Blank
Item #: AA2152
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This is a stock blank for a Dickson, Nelson manufactured carbine. The state of Alabama contracted with the Shakanoosa Arms Company, more commonly known as the Dickson, Nelson Company. This manufacturer of Confederate firearms is best known for their two band rifles that very closely resemble the Model 1841 "Mississippi" rifle, but they also manufactured carbines. This walnut blank, measuring 36" long and 1 7/8" wide, came from the company's last plant location in Dawson, Georgia. The stock is still in very good condition, with some loss of wood at the tip of the stock, where the brass nose cap would go. There is also a small section of wood missing from the toe of the stock. The stock blank must have been laying with the left side up for quite some time, as this side of the stock shows an almost black surface, The opposite side of the stock is much lighter in appearance. This would make a great addition to any Confederate weapons collection, especially if it is carbine heavy!
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