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1853 Enfield Butt Plate
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This is a non excavated brass butt plate for the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifled musket. The P1853 Enfield rifle was the single most imported long arm of the Civil War. The US Ordnance Department ordered over 500,000 between 1861 and 1863, while the Confederate government ordered another 300 - 400,000 between 1861 and 1865. This brass butt plate came into the shop from the local area. It was found in an old outbuilding in Rogersville, Tennessee. I have had a couple of other pieces come in from that area. Rogersville, Tennessee, site of a smaller battle fought on 6 November, 1863. It is also along the main route between Knoxville and eastern Tennessee. The butt plate is not damaged in any way. It has a dark, almost black, untouched patina. It displays fine on it's own, and makes a great starter piece for the beginning collector.
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