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1902 Great Seal Button
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This is a 1902 Great Seal Button manufactured by the Scovill Manufacturing Company of Waterbury, Connecticut. In 1902 the Army decided on a button that would be used for all branches of the Army. The order read "One style for all arms and all grades, private to Lt. General. The only exception is the Engineers Corps, who are to retain their design. Bronze for service and gilt for dress. The design is a copy of the great seal of the U.S.". Scovill made these buttons from the WWI period through the 1930's. This one is the bronze type used on the service uniform. It measures 22.90 mm across and has the spread winged eagle on the face. It is two piece with a rim and has the back mark of SCOVILL MF'G CO./WATERBURY. The shank is still present and standing tall. This one displays well, and could be used to restore a US service uniform from 1902 all the way through WWII.
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