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Framed Horse Mane Hair Rode By BG Nathaniel Lyon
Item #: AA2097
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This is a framed hair from the mane of the horse rode by Union Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon. Lyon was the first Union General killed during the Civil War. He was killed at the Battle of Wilson's Creek, near Springfield, Missouri on 10 August, 1861. Brigadier General Lyon was wounded twice and had his horse shot out from under him. The hair is from that horse's mane. Framed with the horse hair is a printed out of a lithograph of Nathaniel Lyon, believed to be depicting him at Wilson's Creek, at the top of the frame. In the center is the horse hair, and at the bottom is a short narrative. The narrative reads, "General Nathaniel Lyon First Union General To Be Killed In The Civil War At Wilson's Creek In Missouri. Nathaniel Lyon {July 14, 1818 - August 10, 1861) was the first union general to be killed in the American Civil War. The two armies at dawn a few miles south of Springfield on the morning of August 10 in the Battle of Wilson's Creek (also known as Oak Hills). Lyon, who had already been wounded twice in the fighting, was shot in the head, leg and chest and killed while dramatically rallying his outnumbered men, Although the Union Army was defeated at Wilson's Creek, Lyon's quick action neutralized the effectiveness of pro-Southern forces in Missouri, allowing Union forces to secure the state. The copy of the note states that was hair from the mane of the horse Lyon rode. "This is the hair of the mane of the horse of Gen. Lyon who fell at the Battle of Oak Hills." The modern contemporary frame measures 14" wide and 17" tall. It is double matted, with the mat on the left side by the hair being creased. This is a nice,inexpensive piece to dress up your war room with.