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French Model 1842 Musket with North Carolina History
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This is a French Model 1842 smoothbore musket from the Civil War era. These muskets were manufactured in two length's, 58 1/4" or 56" overall, with a 42 5/8" or 40 1/2" barrel and were .71 caliber. The longer muskets were issued to regular French line Infantry units, while the shorter muskets were issued to light Infantry units. This one has been shortened to an overall length of 51", with a barrel length of 35 1/2". This isn't a Johnny Reb in the field shortening job either! This altered French musket walked into the Richmond show last month. It came with the oral history of having been carried by a family member during the Civil War and brought back home to North Carolina after the war. It was reportedly used on the farm after the war for many years. The family was not clear when the alterations were performed on the weapon, but I believe they are post war and were done by a professional gunsmith. The stock has been shortened to terminate 4 1/2" forward of the rear barrel band. Since the double strap forward band is no longer with the weapon, a iron bead front sight has been forged onto the barrel. Two copper ramrod thimbles have been soldered onto the bottom of the barrel. The button tipped ramrod was shortened to the barrel length. The shortened barrel has an even plum patina with a smooth exterior exterior surface. It is moderately pitted around the bolster area and tang. There is no rear sight on the gun. The French proofs marks are visible but show wear from use. The left side of the barrel flats are stamped at the breech with the letter C inside a rhomboid and the letter F within a rhomboid. The number 1920 is stamped into the bottom flat. The opposite side of the barrel flat has the date 1857 and a G stamped into it. This one did some shooting, and gauges out at .77 caliber. The bore is dark and lightly rusted. The lockplate still has some case color. It is stamped Mre. Impale. de Chatellerault in cursive letters. It stand for The Imperial Manufactory at Chatellerault. The trigger guard and butt plate are iron. All the iron parts of the gun, to include screws heads, have a proof mark or inspectors stamp, in some cases both. The mechanics of the lock function perfect and are very crisp. The walnut stock is beautiful and flawless! The stock has several stamps, on the right side is the arsenal name of Chatellerault and an oval stamp, but the oval is not legible. The left side of the stock near the butt plate is stamped 1920, matching the barrel. This musket was originally made for the French military, but approximately 147,000 French and Belgium muskets were purchased by the US Ordnance Department, There are no known purchases made by the Confederacy of these weapons, but this one somehow got in the hands of a North Carolina soldier and made it back home after the war!
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