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WWII US M1928 Pack System
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This is a complete US Army Model 1928 pack system used during World War II. The system consists of a haversack, pack carrier, meatcan pouch, entrenching tool and M1 Bayonet with M7 scabbard. The pack suspenders are attached to a Model 1923 dismounted cartridge belt. Attached to the cartridge belt is a Model 1910 canteen carrier with canteen and cup and a Model 1924 first aid pouch with a Carlisle bandage. The 1928 haversack was standard issue to all troops other tan officers, armored infantry and paratroopers. These branches were issued the Model 1936 musette bag. The components of this pack system are all WWII dated, most of them being dated 1942. The haversack is manufactured by Boyt and dated 1942. The pack carrier is unit marked HQS6, I haven't disassembled the pack to see who manufactured it. The meat can pouch is unmarked, the mess kit is a 1942 dated AGM. The fork, knife and spoon are all US marked, with the knife being made by LF&C and dated 1943. The entrenching tool carrier is a made by Kadin and dated 1942. The Model 1910 shovel is an Ames product dated 1943. The M1 bayonet is an Oneida Ltd. blade dated 1943. The cartridge belt is made by Burlington Mills and dated 1942, all 10 pockets have the charger straps. The canteen carrier is marked G&R CO. and dated 1941. The canteen is a horizontal seam Vollrath dated 1943, the cup is unmarked. The M1924 first aid pouch is made by the Appleton Awning Shop and dated 1943. It contains a Carlisle bandage made by Bauer and Black and is unopened. All components of this pack system are in very good condition, have no holes, rips, tears or any other damage. Some of the pieces have ink marked identification numbers on them. Overall, this is a very nice set of GI issue equipment that every Infantryman was issued during World War II and would look great in your war room on a mannequin dressed out in a Big Red One D Day uniform!
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