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WWII Nazi 25 Year Faithful Service Medal
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This is a Faithful Service medal for German military and civilians who were in public service positions during the World War II era. All officials and employees who held positions at any level of public service were eligible for the award. The award was broken down into two classes, first and second. Personnel who performed 25 years of faithful service to the German people were to be awarded the Faithful Service Medal second class. Those who performed 40 years of service were to be awarded the medal in first class. The only difference in the two medals was the color, second class was silver and first class was gold. The medal itself consists of a cross surrounded by an oak leaf wreath. In the center of the cross is an enameled black swastika. The reverse side of the cross is stamped with the words "Fur treue Dienste", meaning For faithful Service. The medal is attached to a cornflower blue ribbon by a single suspension ring. A small brass pin attaches the medal to the wearers jacket or coat. This award was instituted in 1938 and it is unknown how many were awarded. We all know that the Third Reich ended in 1945, so thankfully no one really qualified to earn either the first or second class medal! However, if you are a collector of WWII German medals, you need one of these to have a complete collection!
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