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WWII British No.75 "Hawkins" Grenade Reproduction
Item #: AA2000
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This is a reproduction British No. 75 "Hawkins" anti tank grenade used during World War II. This anti tank grenade/mine was developed in 1942 in the aftermath of the Dunkirk evacuation. It measures 5 7/8" tall, 3 3/4" wide and 1 1/2" deep. They were filled with approximately 1 pound of explosives. They could be thrown like a grenade, or placed on a roadway and used as a mine for vehicles. Ten pounds of pressure was required to crack a chemical igniter. Once broken, the igniter leaked acid onto a sensitive chemical, detonating the explosive. These "Hawkins" grenades could be linked in a daisy chain a couple of feet apart to disable tracked vehicles. This reproduction is painted brown with red stripes around the top and bottom of the mine. The bottom is painted white and has a small black arrow pointing towards the front of the mine. The front of the mine is painted in black and reads "No 75/I/S.O.T.B 6/42". The lettering in not embossed into the can, or the cap. This mine would have been made by the Self Opening Tin Box Company, Ltd. The British and American armies used these grenades. There are plenty of Pre D-Day photos, especially of airborne soldiers with these grenades strapped to their legs. If you have a WWII paratrooper collection, or more specifically, a US paratrooper D Day display it won't be complete without one of these!
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