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Replica M1860 Colt Army By Pietta
Item #: AA1993
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This fine example cap and ball revolver is a REPLICA Civil War era Model 1860 Colt Army in .44 caliber. The serial number of P57798 places this revolver's production date in 1999. Unlike the original Colt Army revolvers, the serial numbers of this pistol are found on the frame and barrel only. This particular Model 1860 is of the four screw type. These four screw revolvers were intended to be used with shoulder stocks. The barrel is stamped on both sides, the right side showing a diamond with FAP inside and F.LLI PIETTA MADE IN ITALY, the left side shows BLACK POWDER ONLY 44 CAL. The bore rifling is crisp and has no pitting in the lands. The cylinder is a fluted one, to simulate an early production Army. The barrel, cylinder and backstrap are blued and it looks a mile deep! The frame, hammer and loading lever have a case hardened appearance. The brass trigger guard has an eye pleasing bright gold patina. The one piece walnut grips have been replaced by composite ivory grips. The nipples on the cylinder are all intact as well as the safety pins. The action is crisp and locks up up perfectly in the half cock and full cock positions. This 8" round barreled revolver is a very nice example of the major side arm issued to the Union troops during the Civil War. It will fill the bill for any Civil War reenactor or display nicely is a beginning Civil War collection! Included with the pistol is reproduction black powder flask.
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
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