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WWI US Model 1917 Dismounted Cartridge Belt
Item #: AA1978
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This is a US Model 1917 Dismounted cartridge belt used during World War I. The belt was manufactured by L.C.C. & Co. and has 10 cartridge pockets. The belt is constructed of two separate cartridge sections connected by a belt with a brass connecting link at each end. The left cartridge section is ink stamped L.C.C. & CO./LEFT/7-18. The right cartridge section has no ink stamp on the back, but the first cartridge pocket is stamped L.C.C. & CO/MAR 1918 on the inside of the flap. The material still retains it's original khaki color and has no staining. All ten snaps on the pockets work perfectly. The eyelets on the top and bottom edge of the belt are all present. This cartridge belt is in near mint condition. If you are a World War I collector this will add some sizzle to your display!
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
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