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WWI US M1910 Haversack
Item #: AA1940
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This is a US Model 1910 haversack used during World War I. This haversack was adopted for use as part of a new set of equipment approved by the Infantry Equipment Board after a meeting at the Rock Island Arsenal in 1909. Up to this point in the military haversacks had been worn on the soldiers side. With the development of new weapons and ammunition it was determined that the haversack would become part of the pack system and be worn on the soldiers back. The web shoulder straps attached to the haversack would be attached to the cartridge belt by means of metal spring clips, providing support for the belt as well as distributing the weight across the soldier's shoulders. The M1910 haversack was made of olive drab canvas. The web shoulder straps were sewn to the haversack, meaning the haversack had to always be worn when attached to the cartridge belt. Attached to the top of the haversack was a meat can pouch, and at the bottom was the pack. Items deemed essential were carried inside the haversack, food and meat cans within the meat can pouch and non essential items carried in the pack. The pack was attached by extender straps and could be drop from the haversack before an assault to lighten the soldiers load. This M1910 haversack is in excellent, unissued condition. The OD canvas material is not faded and has no rips, tears or any other damage. The letters US are clearly visible on the outside flap of the haversack. Ink stamped on the inside of the flap is the manufacturer and date, PERKINS/CAMPBELL/8-18. Also ink stamped at the top of the inside flap are the numbers 0888. The haversack is complete with all straps, buckles and spring clips. This is a second pattern M1910, as indicated by the uniform width of the shoulder straps. There is some light staining in the areas of the buckles and spring clips. All the metal parts retain almost all the original blacking. If you have a WWI US Infantry collection this may be the piece that sets your display apart from others!
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