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Early 1900's John P Squire & Co. Lard Tin
Item #: AA1883
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This is a small 2 lbs tin used to hold lard sold by the John P. Squire & Co. of Boston, Massachusetts. This company was in business from the 1850's to 1950 and at one time was the largest meat and pork packing company in the world. The tin is approximately 4 1/2" tall with a 5" diameter. The bright coating is mostly gone, just traces of it here and there. The lid is missing and there are a few rust holes in the bottom, just pin sized. The bossing on the front of the tin is still strong. The wire bail handle is still securely attached. This one is from around the 1900 time period. It would make a great kitchen decoration.
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Item # AA1883
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