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WWII German Civilian Armband
Item #: AA1881
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This is a German armband for civilians working with the German military from World War II. It is made of white cotton/rayon and measures 8" wide and 4" tall. Printed in black script the armband reads Im Dienst der Deutschen Wehrmacht, meaning In Service of the German Armed Forces. The Army Mobilization Order of 12 March, 1937 introduced a wide variety of armbands that were worn to identify personnel performing specific duties for the Armed Forces. Most of the armbands were worn on the upper left sleeve of uniformed and non uniformed personnel and were worn only while the individual was performing the specific duty identified by the armband. As the war progressed t was deemed that additional armbands were necessary to identify the growing sector of non uniformed, non German civilian personnel serving in a military capacity with any branch of the armed forces. As a result assorted identifying armbands were introduced as required. This armband was introduced on 15 October, 1941 for wear by non German civilians serving the Armed Forces and Russian Auxiliaries when not in uniform.
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