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WWII German M31 Bread Bag
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This is a German M31 bread bag from World War II in unissued condition. The M31 is a one compartment haversack that was intended to be used to carry the soldier's rations, including bread, that gave the haversack it's name. They were produced from 1932 through 1944 and underwent several changes. The pre and early war M31's used aluminum hardware and leather to reinforce the belt loops. As the war went on the hardware was changed from the more precious aluminum to steel and zinc. The leather reinforcements to the belt loops was also discontinued. The is example is a mid war production, with zinc buttons, steel D rings and the absence of leather reinforcements on the belt loops. The belt loops have pointed tabs, the center strap is used to attach the bread bag to the soldier's belt. The large steel D rings were used to secure the canteen and mess kit to the bread bag, normally the canteen on the right and the mess tin on the left. The leather loops at the bottom were used to secure the straps of the canteen and mess kit to prevent them from bouncing around when the soldier was running. The smaller D rings on the back were used with a canvas carrying strap, which most soldiers used for other purposes. On the inside is a long leather strap with three button holes. This was used to keep the haversack closed. Two shorter straps with two button holes were used to secure the outer flap of the haversack. An ink stamp on the inside of the outer flap reads "RB-Nr./0/0956/015?", i can't make out the last number. While these "bread bags" were intended to carry the soldier's rations, it was used to carry whatever the soldier deemed necessary for survival and comfort. The later M44 bread bags even had a compartment sewn in to carry the K98 cleaning kit. This is an excellent example of a mid war production bread bag used by the German military during WWII.
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