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Identified Knights of Pythias Sword
Item #: AA1869
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This is an identified Knights of Pythias sword from the state of Maryland. The sword dates from between 1893 and 1923 and was manufactured by the Henderson-Ames Co. of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The sword and scabbard are in good condition for the age. The sword is made of Rococo Style Silver and Enamel. The overall length of the sword is 37 1/4", with the blade length being 30 1/4". The blade is the Rococo style and is silver plated with gold etchings on both sides of the blade. The hilt has a black leather grip wrapped in gold beaded wire. The pommel cap is The Knights Head with a lion on top of the helmet. The cross guard features falcons on on each flank of a small guard adorned with laurel leaves on one side, a sprig of myrtle on the other. A lily is in the center of the guard, flanked by the letters U R, indicating this sword was carried by a member of the Uniformed Rank. The blade is etched in gold from the hilt 19" down. The obverse side of the blade has a 5 1/2" panel etched in gold of an early knight followed by floral patterns. This is followed by another gold panel with the name of R. E. Frazee in old English script is left in bright silver. Another 6 1/4" gold panel shows a stand of arms and more floral designs. The reverse side of the blade has the Henderson-Ames logo in gold at the hilt. This is followed by one long panel showing a man and woman embracing, floral designs, the letters FCB on a shield, a several other symbols associated with the Knights of Pythias. The letters FCB are found in several places on the sword as well as the scabbard. This stands for the Pythian motto of "Friendship, Charity, Benevolence". The blade shows a small spot of tarnishing near the end, but remains bright past the etchings. The edge is free of nicks or any damage. The scabbard is silver plated and shows wear, loss of plating and some tarnishing. The top scabbard mount is an imposing figure of a man standing between two pillars, pulling them down as Samson did. At the top of the mount is a knight's helmet flanked by shields with the letters FCB. At the bottom of the mount is a star. There are two ring mounts for the swords drops of the belt supporting this sword. The mount was gilted, but the majority of the gilt has worn off. The bottom mount has only one suspension ring. It is made up of the the letters KP, a shield with a lily and another star at the bottom. The majority of the gilt is also gone from this mount. The drag is one sided, showing a lily, a double bladed ax and other ornamental pieces. The drag retains the most gilt of all three pieces on the scabbard. The number 24 has been stamped into the scabbard, both mounts and the drag, mostly likely assembly numbers. The sword comes with a leather carrying case from the Henderson-Ames company, as well as a sock for the sword. This is a very well displaying fraternal sword that would look great in any edged weapons display.
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Item # AA1869
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