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G.Appel K98 Rifle Cleaning Kit
Item #: AA1850
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This is a German K98 rifle cleaning kit made by G. Appel from World War II. The kit is housed in a gray steel canister that opens from both ends. The canister is 5 1/4" long, 3 3/8" wide and 3/4" deep. Two brass clips, one on each end, hold the end flaps closed. The end cover of the main compartment is stamped G APPEL and dated 1938. The main compartment is divided into four sections. There you will find an oiler marked G APPEL 1938, one large and one small bore brush, one take down tool marked G APPEL 1938 and one aluminum chainlink to pull the bore brushed and cleaning patch through the barrel also marked G APPEL 1938. The small compartment on the other end still retains used cleaning wicks! The case has a couple of small dents and light surface rust scattered around, but in overall good condition. The actual cleaning and take down components are in good, but well used condition. Some of the stamps are light, made that way by use, but can all still be made out. This cleaning kit was designed for the primary Wehrmacht long arm of WWII. This will go a long way to completing your WWII German firearms display or weapons collection.
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