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WWII German DAK Canteen
Item #: AA1844
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This is a tropical canteen used by the Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) during World War II. The German Africa Corps was one of the most famous German units to come out of WWII. This laminated wood canteen is complete and in untouched, original condition. The canteen, as well as the bakelite cup, have no cracks and will still hold water. The bakelite cap is present, but the gasket is missing. The top of the cup is marked, as is the canteen. In a circular stamp on the back on the canteen it reads "D.R.G.M/H.R.E.42/D.R.P.angm". The original DAK colored web carrying harness is present, missing only the short section that connects to the canteen cap. The black leather strap that goes around the neck is still reporting for duty. The adjustment buckle and carrying hook are both war time stamped. The carrying hook is stamped "Patent Ritter" and the adjustment buckle is stamped "D.R.P.ang/H.R.E.42". The buckle still retains some of the original DAK green paint. The webbing is a little frayed and the metal a tad bit rusty, but this thing displays like a million bucks. It's probably one of the cheapest authentic Africa Corps items you'll come across, and Rommel made sure they all had one!
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