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WWI US M1910 Canteen
Item #: AA1834
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This is a US Model 1910 canteen manufactured by Landers, Frary and Clark in 1918. This canteen is in issued, very good condition. The vertical seam weld is indicative of the construction process developed by the Rock Island Arsenal in 1913. The cap is made of aluminum, has a domed top and fluted vertical side ribs. The cork seal is still reporting for duty! A retaining chain is riveted to the top of the cap and attached to a retaining ring at the neck of the canteen. The back of the canteen is clearly stamped in three lines, U.S./L.F.&C./1918. On the front of the canteen the name VESTLE has been engraved. On the bottom of the canteen V2610 and CO. NO. 99 has also been engraved. This one displays well and may make a good research project.
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