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WWII US M1910 Canteen Carrier and Canteen
Item #: AA1820
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This is a US Model 1910 canteen manufactured by VOLLRATH in 1945. This canteen is in issued, very good condition. The horizontal seam weld is indicative of the construction process used from 1942 to 1945. The cap is made of Bakelite, the cork seal is present. A retaining chain is riveted to the top of the cap and attached to a retaining ring at the neck of the canteen. The cap is 1" tall and is recessed on top, to protect the chain rivet. The bottom of the canteen is lightly stamped in three lines, US/VOLLRATH/1945. There is no canteen cup with this set. The cotton duck cover is a faded OD color. The carrier is in good condition and shows moderate wear and staining. All stitching is strong and shows no fraying. There is a makers stamp visible on the carrier, but not legible. Of all the gear a GI carries, this is the one thing he can't go without. This model canteen saw service in WWI, WWII, Korea, and the early part of the Vietnam war. Nice little piece for the beginning collector.
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