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Prussian Model 1809 Potsdam Musket
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This is a Prussian Model 1809 smooth bore musket in .72 caliber produced at the Saarn Armory. The musket has an overall length of 56 1/2", with a barrel length of 41 1/4". The exterior of the barrel has a smooth, dark appearance. There is moderate pitting and pin pricking at the bolster and breech area, so this one saw service somewhere! These guns were originally flintlock, but were converted to percussion. This was accomplished by forging a curved cone seat directly onto the breech. The bore is dark, but no major pitting. A gauge shows this one now at .75 caliber at the muzzle. A simple block rear sight is mounted on the barrel tang, while a brass blade front sight is on the rear strap of the front band. The lockplate is stamped Saarn over the letter T forward of the hammer. Above the Potsdam stamp is the Prussian crown, below is the date 1839. The lockplate and hammer have a dark smooth patina that matches the barrel. The mechanics of the lock are strong and crisp. The lock has a rounded tail that ends in a small teat, distinguishing it as a Model 1809. The three barrel bands, trigger guard, escutscheon plate and butt plate are all brass. These pieces bear the same deep golden patina that everyone loves to see. The numbers 14 and 20 are found on all the brass pieces. Along with the 14, the date of 1839 is stamped into the butt plate. The front and rear sling swivels are missing. The ramrod is a cupped, trumpet shaped rod, but is missing the threaded end. The walnut stock is in good condition. It shows plenty of use and service, having the usual bumps and dings, but there is no wood loss or age cracks. The left stock comb has a recessed check rest. The name S KING has been carved just behind the cheek rest. There are several stamps on the same side of the stock just behind the carved name. The stamps read Co 6, 52 and 1453. The US Ordnance Department purchased just over 100,000 of these smooth bore Prussian arms at the beginning of the Civil War. These shipment arrived during late 1861 and early 1862. By late 1862 they were already being replaced with better arms. The majority of these saw service in the Western theater, and some were captured and put back into service by the Confederates. This is a nice example of a Union imported long arm used during the Civil War.
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