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Framed Confederate Third National Pattern UCV Parade Flag
Item #: AA1707
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This is a framed United Confederate Veterans Reunion parade flag in the pattern of the Confederate Third National Flag. The flag itself measures 24" wide and 14" high. The colors on this parade flag are still bright and really catch your eye. There is no damage or stains anywhere on the flag. The stars are printed on the flag, nothing is sewn on. The flag was made using block printing on the cotton material. A comparison to other known flags dates this one to around the 1880's. This flag was most likely made for the United Daughters of the Confederacy, who were established in 1884. The simple antique wooden shadow box frame displays well with the flag. It measures 28" wide by 18" high. A simple dark blue woven mat really makes the flag stand out. Framed and ready to hang, this will really put a splash of color in your war room!