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Confederate Saddle Bags
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This is a set of saddle bags associated with Confederate use during the Civil War. This pair came into the shop with a Morgan saddle and several other Confederate items. They measure 30" across, with each bag measuring 10" tall and 13" wide. These bags, with the Y closure straps are pictured in Ken Knopp's book "Confederate Saddles and Horse Equipment. The set shown on the cover of the book are almost identical to this set. The yoke does not have a hole in the center for a stud, as do the M1859 McClellans, but have a slot just above each bag. These were secured to either staples or rings on the jockeys of the saddle. This set of saddle bags is in very good condition. The russet leather is stiff and dry, but still a little pliable. There is very little crazing or loose of leather. The Y straps are 100% complete, as well as the roller buckles on each bag. The bags have closure strings on the inside at the top, the right side one is broken. There are no repairs and all the stitching is still very tight. If you have a Confederate Cavalry collection these should be in it!
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