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Andrew Chernak Pewter Figure "Tennessee, The Mortarman"
Item #: AA1680
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This is a pewter figurine from Andrew Chernak entitled "TENNESSEE The Mortarman". The pewter figure of a Confederate soldier readying a friction primer for a mortar comes on an attractive oval wooden base that measures 4 1/4" by 3 1/4" and is approximately 4" tall. The figurine is highly detailed, depicting a Confederate gunner preparing a friction primer for a 24 pound Coehorn mortar. He is on his right knee, clutching a pack of friction primers with right hand. His left hand holds a single primer. The gunner is wearing a slouch hat, checkered battle shirt, exposed suspenders with his trousers and brogans. He is kneeling behind his mortar, set at a high angle to drop his rounds into a Union trench. Near the mortar a small water bucket, rammer and lanyard firing device and be seen. The figurine is marked on the back with the artist's signature A Lee Chernak, a copyright mark and the date 1998. The limited edition run of 2500 shows this one to be number 54. A simple banner on the front with the inscription "Tennessee The Mortarman" describes the figure. It would make a great desk ornament or a decorator piece in your war room, perhaps the perfect birthday or Christmas gift!
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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