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US Model 1945 Pack Suspenders
Item #: AA1660
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This is a set of US Model 1945 pack suspenders designed for use during World War II and on into Korea. These suspenders replaced the M1944 pack suspenders. They could be worn alone with a pistol or cartridge belt to help support the weight of the ammunition and whatever else the soldier had attached to his belt. It was designed to be used with the Army's new pack system of the Combat and Cargo packs. These systems saw limited use in Europe during World War II, but were issued during the Korean War. This is an unissued set in mint condition. All straps, buckles and hooks are present. All the metal pieces still retain all the blacking. The ink stamps are very legible, this one is dated JAN 51 and manufactured by the Krasnow Belt Company Inc. The stitching is very tight and is not frayed. If you collect US WWII or Korean War Infantry accoutrements this set will fit in nicely.
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