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Relic Condition M1872 Cavalry Kepi
Item #: AA1649
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This is a relic condition Model 1872 kepi with cavalry insignia. The kepi is made of a dark blue wool material that still has good color, but has been a buffet for the moths. The stitching is all machine sewn, and what remains is unbroken. The chinstrap, both buttons and the sweatband are all missing. The black tarred visor is in decent shape and is still attached to the kepi at the corners. There is no makers mark visible on the lining. It is of the draw string type and is in good condition. The cavalry brass on the front of the kepi is retained by thread passing through eyelets in the insignia. The number 7 is above the crossed sabers, the letter A below them. This one came into the shop with a mixed box full of Civil War items. I have no history on it, so I have no idea if this is a 7th United Sates cavalry kepi, or a state guard issued one. One thing is for sure, it definitely has the look of having been out on the plains!
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