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Early 1800's Wood Camp Canteen
Item #: AA1646
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This is a wooden stave camp canteen circa 1800 - 1820's. It is quite possible that this one was around for the war of 1812. The canteen measures approximately 9" from end to end, 7 1/4" in diameter at the center and 6 3/4" in diameter at the ends. The 11 staves are held together by four irons bands, closed off by two circular end caps. The bands are loose, but remain solid in construction. A small iron bail carrying has a turned wooden handle, a piece of which is missing. This one has a large hole without a spout, and a smaller one for a vent. It looks that sometime in the not to distant past someone repainted the canteen, both the wood and iron pieces. The two cork stoppers are modern replacements. With that in mind, the canteen displays great, but is not in it's original condition. Here's an opportunity to cash in on someone's refinishing mistake!
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Item # AA1646
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