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War of 1812 "Cheesebox" Canteen
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This is a "Cheesebox" canteen from the War of 1812 era. This style of canteen, using one piece of bent wood as the rim, is very similar to containers used during that period to house cheese, thus the name! This one has a diameter of 7 1/2" and a width of 2 3/8". The canteen is constructed using the one piece rim and two side plates held together by iron pins. There is no evidence of any sling guides, most used on these old canteens were made of leather. The entire canteen has been painted an oxblood red, and except for the edges it retains the majority of the color. These type canteens were used by the state militia's of the early 1900's century, while the fledgling US Army was issued the wooden stave canteens. Who knows, this one could have marched with the Tennessee boys that went with Old Hickory down to New Orleans! If you collect War of 1812 items this will make a fine addition.
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