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Civil War Union Color Bearer
Item #: AA1616
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This is a pewter figurine from an unknown maker entitled "Union Color Bearer". The pewter figure of a Union officer displaying the United States flag comes on an attractive oval wooden base that measures 5 1/4" by 4 1/4" and is approximately 9" tall. The figurine is highly detailed, depicting a Union officer raising Old Glory. He stands upright, clutching the staff of what is presumably his regimental colors. His left hand grips the bare staff, while his right hand is covered by the flag he has furled over his arm. This post of honor was normally filled by a Non Commissioned Officer. It was not unusual for a regiment to loose several color bearers during a battle, and perhaps this was the case here. The officer is wearing a kepi, frock coat with shoulder straps of what look to be major's insignia, a waist belt with m1851 belt plate, M1860 holster and a binocular case. He is standing in front of a broken rail fence. This scene was probably played out countless times on many battlefields during the Civil War. The figurine is not marked by an artist or maker, only with a simple banner on the front with the inscription Union Color Bearer, with the American Flag and Confederate battle flag crossed behind a Civil War drum. It would make a great desk ornament or a decorator piece in your war room, perhaps the perfect birthday or Christmas gift!
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