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Devil's Den Confederate Sharpshooter by Chilmark
Item #: AA1607
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This is a pewter figurine from Chilmark entitled "Devil's Den", sculpted by Francis J. Barnum in 1989. The pewter figure of a Confederate sharpshooter comes on an attractive wooden base that measures 5" by 4" and is approximately 5" tall. A limited number of 2500 of the Devil's Den figurines were made, this one being #244 of 2500. Barnum went into great detail, showing the Confederate marksman kneeling down behind the protection of boulders while he reloads a Whitworth scoped rifle. The soldier is in the act of loading his sniper rifle, withdrawing the ramrod from the barrel. He is still wearing his cartridge box over his shoulder. His waist belt, with brass CSA rectangle buckle and cap box are on the ground by his right knee. His canteen is shown on top of his haversack, laying on a rock just to his right front. In a notch between two large boulders is his bed roll, now being used as a shooter's rest as he conducts the long range battle with Little Round Top. During the second days battle at Gettysburg Confederate General John Bell Hood's Division attacked through the Devil's Den in an attempt to seize the hill known as Little Round Top. After fierce fighting at point blank range, the Confederates withdrew from Little Round Top. It was during this withdrawal that Confederate sharpshooters took up positions in the boulders strewn throughout the Devil's Den. At ranges of up to 600 yards they made deadly work with their Whitworth rifles and telescopic sights. This piece listed for $280 when originally released. It would make a great desk ornament or a decorator piece in your war room, perhaps the perfect birthday or Christmas gift!
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