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US WWII M1924 First Aid Pouch with Carlisle Bandage
Item #: AA1601
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This is an US Model 1924 first aid pouch used in World War II. The pouch shows moderate use and was most definitely issued! The dark olive drab color has faded to a light khaki appearance. The canvas has no holes, rips or tears and is not frayed at the outer edges. The stitching is very tight and has no breaks or frays. The closure tab works perfectly. The carrying bail has lost most of the blacking. The back of the pouch is ink stamped and reads "WM. W. STANLEY Co., Inc." and dated 1940. The front of the pouch has the US ink stamp. Inside the pouch is a Carlisle bandage inside of the original metal can. Everyone who served in an overseas capacity carried one of these on their web gear. Great example of a WWII first aid pouch that was there!
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