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Folding Camp Chair
Item #: AA1579
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This is a Civil War era folding camp chair. Unfolded it measures 27" tall, 16" wide and 21" deep. The height of the seat to floor when opened is 14". The stained wooden frame is in very good condition, having no cracks, splits or wood loss. The top rail in the back is lightly scratched on the right side, beside the round finial. The seat and back are made of carpet type material that is in fair condition. The left side of the seat material is slightly frayed along the edge. The material on the back has come lose from the brass tacks attaching it to the top back rail. A blue polished cotton material has been used to line the seat back. It is in pretty rough condition, having several splits and tears in the material. Brass tacks are used throughout the chair for decoration and to attach the material to the chair frame. A green manufacturers tag is on the front seat rail that identifies this chair as being made by Edward W. Vaill. Vaill was granted a patent in 1863 for his folding chair design. These camp chairs are found in hundreds of camp images on both sides during the Civil War. While I would not recommend this one for sitting, it would really add some eye appeal to a camp display!
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
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