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Civil War Era Tin Wagon Canteen
Item #: AA1577
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This is a large tin wagon canteen from the Civil War Era. This over sized canteen measures 8 1/2" in diameter and 3 3/4" wide. This type of canteen would have been used on supply wagons, as ambulances used kegs to supply water for the wounded during transport. It is constructed of 2 tin end caps soldered to a round tin body. There were four sling guides soldered to the center section, but two are missing. There is one spout on the canteen. Since there is no vent on this one it makes me think this one may have been used to carry kerosene or some other combustible liquid rather than water. The stopper for the spout is carved of wood. There is several wraps of grass string wound around the canteen, I don't think it's as old as the canteen though. There are several dents on both sides of the canteen, but it is still capable of holding water, or any other liquid. Another candidate for a camp display.
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Item # AA1577
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