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Portrait of Union Soldier on Canvas
Item #: AA1560
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This is a Civil War period portrait of an unknown soldier. The portrait is done on canvas with a light weight cotton backing. The canvas has cracked in many places, and there is staining across the top and both bottom corners. It would appear the painting encountered water damage at some point. The framed image measures 20" high and 14" wide. The subject is a young soldier dressed in a military coat and kepi. There is what looks like a cartridge box sling running across his chest. The soldier has brown eyes, short black hair and a mustache with goatee. I have no history of where this one came from, but I believe it is a Union soldier. His jacket looks to be blue to me. While it does have some issues, it still looks good on the wall. He definitely has the look of having seen the elephant! The simple black wooden frame adds a nice touch. To add to the mystery of this portrait, glued to the back of the frame is a short narrative on General Winfield Scott Hancock. What the significance of the article is, is unknown. This would look great in a cabin setting!
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
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