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US WWI .45 Caliber Ammo Pouch
Item #: AA1509
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This is a .45 caliber ammunition pouch manufactured by the L.C. Chase & Company for use during World War I. These cotton duck pouches were designed to carry two spare magazines for the M1911 automatic pistol during WWI. This one is in unissued condition and shows no wear. There is no staining or any other damage. The two lift the dot snaps retain all the blacking. All the stitching remains solid throughout. The ink printing under the flap is very legible. It reads L.C.C.&CO,1918. Below that stamp is a smaller and fainter stamp of L.C.C. over 29. This will make a great addition to any US WWI web gear display or collection. They carried over right on into WWII also!
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
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