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Model 1872 Cavalry Kepi
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This is a Model 1872 kepi from the Indian Wars period. The blue wool is in excellent condition with no mothing. A 1 1/4" sweatband is completely intact. All stitching is strong throughout the kepi. There are two Waterbury cavalry buttons that are marked "Waterbury Button Co" with a single star imprint on the two piece button. An example of these buttons is shown in McGuinn and Bazelon's book "American Military Button Makers and Dealers", page 108, as being produced from 1870-1900. The chin strap, brass buckle and visor are in remarkable condition. This is an excellent example of the head gear worn by the 'boys in dirty shirt blue". If you have an Indian Wars collection and are missing a kepi, this one needs to fill that void!
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