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Officer's Binoculars Chevalier of Paris
Item #: AA1438
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This is a set of Civil War era officer's binoculars made by Chevalier of Paris. The brass body of the binoculars is partially leather covered. The leather has a black pebbled surface and is securely attached to the optical tubes. The right lense is cracked in the center and a small section on the edge is missing. The left tube is marked "ARMY EXTRA POWERFUL" and the right tube is marked "NAVY EXTRA POWERFUL". When fully extended the bino's are 9 1/4" long, retracted they measure 7 1/4" long. The binoculars have a maximum width of 4 1/2". The eye cups are both stamped "CHEVALIER PARIS". Even though the right lense is cracked the optics are still very good. The image is clear and not distorted. These will look great with your artillery, cavalry or officer's display.
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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