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Blacksmith Crafted Fighting Knife
Item #: AA1433
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This is a blacksmith crafted fighting knife that measures 19 1/2" in length, having a 15" clip point blade. It came into the shop this week from southwestern Virginia. The gentleman said his dad had been a long time collector, but that he knew nothing about the history of this piece. What it turns out to be is a cut down British P1853 Cavalry saber made into a mean looking fighting knife. These blades were blued, and traces of the original bluing are still visible. The "knife" blade has been crafted from the tang end of the saber. Five brass pins now attach the two piece oak handles to the original blade tang. The blade width at the handles is 1 5/15", tapering to 1" at the clip point. The edge of the blade, having been sharpened at some point, has a couple of nicks. The coolest part of this piece is the stamp found on the big beefy spine, ISAAC & Co. Isaac Campbell was a well known English exporter of Confederate goods during the Civil War. I'm not sure why this blade was cut down and made into a fighting knife. There is also a small star scratched into the left handle that I know nothing about. It could have been put there during the war or later. The gentleman I got it from had no idea, so I won't speculate either. What I do know is that this was once a Confederate imported P53 Cavalry saber imported by Isaac Campbell that became someone's big ol' side knife. It is certainly a great looking piece and balances well in your hand. It will easily fit into any Confederate knife collection.