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Early 1900's UCV Banner
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This is a United Confederate Veterans flag circa 1900 - 1920. The flag measures 8' long and 5' wide. It is completely machine sewn, including the stars. The stitching on this two panel flag is as strong today as when it was made. The red, white and blue colors are very vibrant. There is no damage anywhere on the flag. This one is not made as a flag that was to be hoisted on a flag pole. There are no grommets or any other means of attaching it to a halyard. Instead, where the heading would normally be sewn there is a 3" wide sleeve. Inside the sleeve on each end are small leather thongs, with holes in the center. The size of the flag prohibits it from being carried on a staff. I believe this flag was intended to be used as a banner. These would have been hung in UCV halls and along parade routes from homes and businesses. This flag has survived the past 100+ years in amazing condition. It would look absolutely killer in your Confederate war room!
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