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US Naval Sword Circa 1930's
Item #: AA1420
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This is a US Navy Officer's sword from the pre World War II period. The overall length is 28 1/2", with a shortened blade length of 23 1/4". Approximately 1 3/4" of the blade, to include the tip, have broken off. The stainless steel blade is heavily nickel plated, with ornate foliate and military emblems etched onto both sides. The obverse ricasso is marked STAINLESS above a six point star with the word PROVED in an arc in the center of the star. The reverse ricasso is marked with the Vanguard logo over a banner with the VANGUARD name. Below the banner is GERMANY, obviously an import blade. The brass hilt was originally gilted, but most has worn off now. The brass has taken on a nice bronze hue. On the outside of the guard are the letters USN. The original marine skin cover and double strand brass wire are in good condition and still tight to the grip. These swords was usually given to Naval Academy midshipmen as a gift from family members at graduation. It symbolized the beginning of their career in the Navy. This one could be repaired of the buyer wishes, at an additional cost.
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