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Belgian Brevete Colt with Belt Rig
Item #: AA1418
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This is a Colt Brevete Model 1851 Navy cap and ball revolver from the Civil War. These guns were being made illegally in Europe during the 1840's into the 1870's. Sam Colt attempted to put an end to the copyright infringements, but instead ending up charging a 10 franc fee for each copycat that was able to meet Colt's inspection standards. Legitimate revolvers can be identified by the Colt/Brevete or Colt/Patent stamp on the barrel, Leige proof marks and stamps, and the quality of the workmanship of the revolver. These guns were imported to the United States as well as other countries. They were definitely around before the outbreak of the Civil War. This Belgian made Colt and belt rig came out of the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. The gun has seen considerable use, but remains functional and has some pretty good eye appeal! The serial number 18730 can be found on the barrel and frame. The 7 1/2" barrel has visible rifling and a pit free bore. The COLT/PATENT stamp on the barrel is clearly visible. The Colt patent mark and the scene on the cylinder are also very legible. This cylinder does not have a serial number, and the scene is of the Naval engagement. There are two stamps on the gun, a G on the bottom of the trigger assembly and a crown over the letter Z on the left side of the barrel above the wedge slot. The mechanics work perfectly. The cylinder indexes when the hammer is cocked. The barrel and frame have some bluing remaining. The loading lever is unmarked and functions properly. The silver wash has worn off the trigger guard and back strap. The brass has a deep mustard patina on the trigger guard, and a black appearance on the back strap. The walnut grips have none of the original varnish remaining. They fit the gun perfectly and are flawless. The only problem the gun has is a broken screw on the right side back strap. The leather holster fits the gun like a glove. These two have obviously been together forever. There is one section of stitching that is broken, on the back where the flap joins the body of the holster, approximately 1 1/2" long. All the remaining stitching remains tight and strong. The plug in the toe and the single belt loop are both secure. The closure strap shows some wear where it folds around the flap, but is still very strong. The final is the awning type always associated with a Confederate piece. The belt shows considerable wear, but is still very supple. The black jappaned roller buckle secures the 1 1/4" wide belt. All stitching on the belt is very tight and unbroken. Last but not least is the lanyard. Who ever owned this pistol was making sure he wasn't gonna loose it! The blue and white weave cloth strap measures 7/16" wide. It is tied in a big loop at one end and has a snap link at the other to attach to the lanyard ring on the pistol. This rig screams of being Confederate, and I believe has been together since the war. One thing is for sure, it will surely make your collection stand up and whistle Dixie!
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