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Antique European Made Draw Knife
Item #: AA1398
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This is a European made draw knife from the 1800's. The knife has an overall length of 22 1/2", with a blade length of 11 3/4". The blade has a moderate curvature, suggesting that it's intended use was to shape large beams or similar pieces of wood. The handle configuration helps identify this one as European made. Most draw knives had the handles at a right angle to the blade. Swedish, Austrian, German and Japanese draw knifes extend straight out from the end of the knife. It's not likely that this one is Japanese, but more likely German. The front edge of the knife still retains a decent edge, which the back of the blade is remains flat. The wooden grips show some honest wear, the left one having some wood loss on the top of the grip at the blade. The handle are held tightly in position by washers and peens. This one could still be used today, if you could find somebody with enough energy to use it!
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Item # AA1398
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