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WWII US Paratrooper Boots by BF Goodrich
Item #: AA1367
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This is a pair of US Airborne jump boots made by the BF Goodrich company during WWII. They are made of cordovan brown leather and are a size 9 1/2 regular. These boots were issued and show honest wear, yet remain in very good condition. There is some slight wear on the soles and heels of the boots. The black stamps on the inside of the boot are not legible because of the wear. The overall appearance of the boots is exceptional. These boots have 11 eyelets and both have brown cloth laces. On the outside of each boot, to the wearers inside, the boots are stamped with the size 9 1/2 R and the letters FV within a square. Each sole have the makers label stamped of BFG within a wreath and the date of 1870. The leather remains very supple and smooth. They still retain a shine and could be worn today. If you have a WWII US Airborne collection these would really look good in it!