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Private Purchase Cavalry Lt's Frock Coat
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This is a private purchase Union nine button Cavalry officer's frock coat from the Civil War period. The coat is in excellent condition, having no rips, tears, stains or holes. This one, however, is not made of dark blue wool. This frock coat is black, branch color of the medical corps. The construction of this frock suggests it is a private purchase rather than a government issue. The sleeves are tailored, being 8" wide at the elbows and tapering at the cuff. The skirts measure 19 1/4" in length and are not hemmed. The collar is 1" and shows honest wear. The front of the single breasted coat has 9 Eagle C buttons, 8 of them back marked Extra Quality and one marked W.H. Smith. Each non functioning cuff has two Eagle C buttons, 2 of which are back marked Extra Quality, 1 Superior Quality and 1 Waterbury Button Co back mark. On the back of the frock are four more Eagle C buttons, two at each vent. All four are back marked Extra Quality. There are three interior pockets, two on the inner left breast and one on the right side. The vents also have a pocket each. The pockets are lined with white muslin cotton. The interior of the coat shows more of the quality craftsmanship that went into it. The body of the coat is lined with a black polished cotton. The sleeves are lined with beige cotton ticking with red and grey stripes. A pair of Smith pattern 1st Lieutenant of Cavalry shoulder boards have been hand stitched on. All the panel seams are tightly stitched together, and show no signs of hand stitched repairs. The bottom of the coat is not hemmed. There is a makers label sewn into the back of the collar that reads Leopold Morse Co. Boston. The book, Directory of American Military Goods Dealers & Makers 1785-1915 lists this maker on page 193. The book states, "this firm advertised in 1918 at Adams Square and as established in 1852, having made Regulation uniforms for officers of all arms of the service with an experience extending over three American Wars". There are a couple of curiosities with this one, medical corps black with cavalry shoulder boards, two cuff buttons instead of three. It is my opinion that this is a late Civil War private purchase frock coat tailored to a Doctor's requests, and not so much so per regulation! Whatever the mystery, this is a magnificent example of a Civil War era frock coat that needs no upgrade!
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